10 Personal Finance Tools You Should Use Now

How to use technology to manage your money.


10) Your own bank or credit union. About 1 in 4 financial institutions currently offer online personal finance management tools, but they don't rate as well with users as independent sites do. Respondents to Aite's survey said that tools not associated with banks and credit unions made it easier to see all accounts in one place, check balances, and categorize spending.

Keep an open mind, though, because banks and credit unions will be putting more effort into their offerings. In fact, Aite's survey found that 60 percent of financial institutions that don't currently offer personal finance tools are considered doing so. Banks, says Shevlin, are looking for ways to say, "We can help you," in order to forge stronger relationships with customers.

Flannigan, who also runs the website The Guide to Get Rich, says he'll continue monitoring his money habits online because he can see such a clear benefit. He says, "I've spent less money. It opens up your eyes to how much you're spending in each category and makes it easy to account for everything."