Bad with Money? Blame Your Parents

New research shows how financial attitudes are passed down between generations.


She also encourages parents to give their children financial responsibilities and listen to their own opinions on money and family spending priorities. One of the college students she interviewed said she wished her parents spent less money on her softball tournaments and more on family vacations. Even simple conversations on money attitudes can open up an intimate and enjoyable conversation, she says. "The majority of students were drawn much closer to relatives by asking such personal questions," she adds.

Here are the seven most common messages that 20-somethings told Campbell they heard from their parents and grandparents:

1. The importance of living within their means.

2. The importance of planning ahead and managing money.

3. The importance of saving money.

4. The importance of limiting debt.

5. The importance of investing.

6. The importance of getting an education.

7. The importance of hard work.

Parents, what messages are you teaching your own children? How do you pass on those lessons?

Kimberly Palmer (@alphaconsumer) is the author of the new book Generation Earn: The Young Professional's Guide to Spending, Investing, and Giving Back.