8 Savvy Personal Finance Podcasts

Learn new investment strategies or beef up your money knowledge on the go.

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Takeaway: While the euro falters, demand for the Swiss franc has shot up. Ironically, having such a strong currency has not lowered prices in the country and could hurt Switzerland's export business.

7. Rob Black and Your Money: Portfolio manager and radio show host Rob Black uses stories from behind the scenes of Wall Street to explain market ups and downs and answers stock questions several times a week in the radio show and podcast Rob Black and Your Money. He also muses about business news like the announcement of Steve Job's retirement and what that might mean for the company's stock. Most podcasts run between 45 minutes to over an hour, so it's a good bet for long car rides.

Takeaway: Stock appreciation and depreciation is for traders. Dividends are for investors. As long as you get your dividend, it doesn't matter if the stock price goes up and down.

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8. The Winning Investor: Part of the Quick and Dirty Tips podcast series, The Winning Investor offers weekly five- to ten-minute podcasts for self-directed investors. Certified financial planner and author Andrew Horowitz defines investment jargon and guides listeners through basic topics like managing risk, reading a stock chart, and finding a financial adviser. If you prefer to read or follow along with the audio, The Winning Investor also includes written transcripts online.

Takeaway: Don't jump in and out of the market because of emotions or advice from "gurus" who supposedly know how to time the market. Base decisions on current economic data and actual trends.

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