Charter Your Own Jet

New services are making it more affordable.


The less glamorous commercial air travel becomes, the greater the appeal of bypassing it entirely. A few new companies are making private jets affordable for more than just celebs and Fortune 500 execs.

Private plane service JetSuite offers last-minute daily deals on its Facebook page for one-way domestic flights on its four-passenger Embraer Phenoms. Prices are as low as $499 (so less than $125 per person).

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Similarly, shared-ride service Greenjets guarantees members seats on some 5,000 jets operated by 2,000 charter operators at up to 80 percent off normal price (New York-Florida is $1,950). Membership starts at a hefty $14,500, but offers perks such as free flights and companion travel.

And Share A Jet Exchange, which has no membership fees, cuts private jet prices in half, and sometimes more, through social media. It matches up private charter companies or jet owners with potential customers, so the price of a flight from New York to Palm Beach starts at $6,500 total. Not cheap, but to fly when you want, without hassles or security lines, could be worth the price for some.