Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Paying for specialized advice can give your career a boost.


That's what happened for Camille Moses-Allen, a 20-something yoga teacher based in Baltimore. She was feeling stressed out and underpaid teaching 15 yoga classes a week. Wilson pointed out to her that she was spending too much time in the car and recommended that she create a website where she could offer yoga-related services, including workshops, which can pay more than classes. Moses-Allen launched her own website and began offering workshops.

"She helped me find out what would be more lucrative instead of giving 110 percent of my energy for something that wasn't working," says Moses-Allen. Wilson also offered some personal advice: Moses-Allen had suffered a bad break-up, and Wilson urged her to use the personal ads to find someone new.

After meeting with Wilson, Knebel launched her own website, One of her favorite pieces of advice was to "act as if you're already living the life you want to be living," down to what she'd wear and who she'd spend time with. Says Knebel, "It definitely had an impact."

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