5 Simple, Affordable Ways to Green Your Home

These habits take minimal time while benefiting the environment—and your wallet.

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5. Earn rewards for your eco-friendly efforts. As you develop greener habits, you could earn rewards by signing up for websites like Recyclebank.com or Greenopolis.com. Actions like signing up for paper billing, recycling at home, or using less energy earn Recyclebank users points that are redeemable for coupons, gift cards, and free offers from major retailers. Greenopolis offers points for using Greenopolis recycling kiosks. Once you've deposited enough glass, plastic, or aluminum containers into the kiosk, you can use the points you've earned for discounts or coupons for dining, travel, or other services.

"If you're gonna be doing all these green actions, you might as well get rewarded for it," says Seo. "You would never get on a plane without joining the airline's frequent flyer program. Why go green and not get points for doing it?"