The Myth of 'Good' Debt

As the debt burden grows for millions of Americans, perceptions of borrowing change.

The Myth of 'Good' Debt. Is debt ever good?
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Making sound education decisions. Ebrahimi says the growing student loan burden and the poor state of the economy, especially for young people, means students must approach student loans differently. They are often necessary, but one needs to be strategic in how they are used. He warns against using loans at for-profit universities, which promise much but often fail to deliver jobs that allow students to pay off their loans.

"At for-profit schools, you can get all kinds of degrees and you end up with six-figure debt, then can't find a job that allows you to pay them," he says.

He adds that loans should also be used strategically at nonprofit universities. "There can be good and bad students loans" at nonprofit universities, Ebrahimi says. "Many people believe they can pay at any university," but often, payments at state school are easier to manage.