Are You Addicted to Shopping?

Shopaholics often can’t control their splurges, which hurts their finances and relationships.

Two Happy Young Women with Shopping Bags at Mall

In Pictures: 10 Signs You Shop Too Much


Do I know my own weakness? Almost everyone has one. It might be a golf habit, fancy jeans, or nice dinners. Perhaps it's simply buying more than you need when you're out running errands. Gwyneth Paltrow's budgeting expert for her GOOP newsletter, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, offers the following advice: Carry a stopwatch with you on shopping trips. She also suggests bringing a loyal friend on shopping trips to remind you not to overspend.

Can I find joy in spending? Luckily, being a recovering shopaholic isn't like being a recovering alcoholic—you can still shop on occasion, as long as the spending stays under control. The excitement of anticipating a healthy shopping trip is much more rewarding than draining your wallet every week just to get a fix immediately.

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