Why Older Americans Are Happier at Work

Workers in their 60s enjoy their jobs more than their younger colleagues.

Charles Schwab older worker chart
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Achenbaum, who also writes and speaks about boomers and aging, says that although he often works 60-hour weeks, he doesn't want to promote over-working. Instead, his focus is on finding work that is meaningful. In addition to his job as a professor, he counsels physicians on how to interact with older people and talks about being a cancer survivor. He's also currently working on four separatebooks.

He says he plans to retire at age 72, but even after that point he will continue to write, volunteer, and give lectures. "I'm hooked on the power of ideas," he says, and he wants to help others, including his students, find work they enjoy, as well. Says Achenbaum: "We need to capitalize on people's gifts as much as possible."

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