6 Steps to Finding Your Best Credit Card

Getting the best plastic depends on your own spending habits and preferences.

San Diego, California, USA - April 12, 2011: A close up of the three major credit cards, American Express, Mastercard, And Visa.

Credit cards will get safer to use when Visa and MasterCard switch to card technology that requires users to type a PIN rather then a signature.

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5. But don't ignore the snail mail. Many attractive promotional offers still arrive though the mail, Arnold says. "At least give them a cursory glance before shredding them," he says. While snail mail offers were more plentiful prior to the recession, a few offers are still delivered.

6. Don't rush the decision. Do your research ahead of time to make sure you'll be happy with your card. Opening and closing cards every year until you find the right fit can hurt your credit score. Says Campbell: "Think of your card selection like choosing someone for a long-term relationship. It's not always best to pursue the flashiest person or the flashiest credit card. You want a card that has many attractive and consistent benefits"—just like a romantic partner.