How Couples Can Achieve Financial Intimacy

Don’t let money pull your relationship apart.

Re-evaluate progress in your child's 529 account on a yearly basis.
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With that new awareness, we can begin to make changes. But it's very challenging for people to make changes in a vacuum. You don't have any context for change, so once you know that, the process is beginning to create clear conscious agreements with your partner that are better in alignment with what you both truly want and desire rather than slipping into the unconscious roles and/or patterns. And the next part is to begin to co-create it from a place of true alignment and the vision for what you hold for yourselves and your future together.

I'm a former financial adviser, and I always believe that it's better to have people focused and building a life based upon their hopes, dreams, and desires rather than just the numbers. For example, if you know that you want to live someday in a foreign country or travel a lot, then your focus should be not just on how much money you will need, but [on] what kind of lifestyle you want to have.

We have a tendency of thinking that as we get older, we need more money, and I think that's a very flawed belief in many cases with people. If they do it right and they are clear about what they truly want, and they do it in alignment with their values and their visions, often they can do it with a lot less money than they believe.