7 Websites for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Find that special gift without having to settle for an inflated price.

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FredFlare.com. This site features an array of cool items designed to surprise gift recipients. Travelers can show off with the Where I've Been Scratch Map Travel Edition ($22), a metallic-glazed diagram of the world that works like a lottery ticket: The recipient just scratches away where they've been. Let them lick on some bacon- or pickle-flavored candy canes ($6.50 each) until their taste buds are content. Or make cleaning off the table easier with the help of a battery-operated mini robot vacuum ($18), which sweeps up crumbs as it's moved over the surface.

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MarblesTheBrainStore.com. This site serves as both an information resource on how the brain works and a retailer of products designed to improve one's memory, critical thinking, coordination, visual perception, and word skills. Its collection of fun, expert-tested products includes Splickety Lit ($25); as the site explains, "Each question has words or phrases that have their beginning fonsonants clipped (consonants flipped … you pet the gicture)." Another best-seller designed to improve hand-eye coordination is the Ogosport Mini Disks ($30)—two 12-inch, portable mini trampolines that bounce balls up to 150 feet. (They're also waterproof, in case the person wants to impress others at the beach.)