Your Month-to-Month Guide to Great Sales

A soup-to-nuts primer on when to snag the best deals on a variety of products.

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March. Clothing experts say this is the time to find discounted winter coats and winter sporting goods, like snowboards and ski gear, since the season is winding down. Luggage is often said to be on sale, as many spring breaks take place in March.

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Although computer sales are often dictated by the hot new item on the market, Josh Smith, editor at, a mobile computing news and reviews site, says March is a good time to buy a laptop. "New models will be arriving and pushing older models to clearance shelves," he says.

April. Hit the stores for snowblowers and furnaces in April. This is also the month to buy a swimming pool, says Willan Johnson, CEO of VivoPools, a national swimming pool and spa maintenance franchise. Johnson says April is the sweet spot in the year when consumers are thinking about pool season but the demand isn't quite there yet, so you can often save as much as 20 percent. Many contractors are also less costly during this month and more readily available to install a pool.

May. Refrigerators often go on sale in May, as new models begin appearing in stores in the summer, which makes retailers anxious to clean out older models.

June. This can be a good time to find deals on gym memberships, as health clubs must compete with the warm weather and work harder to entice people to exercise inside. You'll also find deals on dishes, with wedding season drawing closer and retailers competing for shoppers hunting for wedding gifts. Typical savings: 25 to 50 percent.

July. Home-decor prices dip during this month, for the same reason dishes do. Think table linens, cutlery, picture frames, sofa pillows, candlesticks—often at savings of 20 to 50 percent. Like January, July is a good month to buy furniture, with new trends finding their way to the showroom floor in the near future.

August. Although it's hard to tell what's hype and what's actually a sale, this is the month to buy school supplies. With the summer almost over, August is also a good time to purchase swimsuits and outdoor grills for next season.

September. If you're planning to get hardwood floors or your cabinets refinished, consider doing it now. Adam Kirschman, director of marketing for N-Hance Wood Renewal, a franchised business based out of Logan, Utah, which offers refinishing services for wood surfaces like hardwood floors, says the industry offers sales during September primarily because it's a slow month, with families ending their summer activities and ramping up for school and the holidays. The industry also promotes the fact that since it's a quieter time of year in most households, it won't matter as much if the kitchen is out of commission while it's being remodeled. Expect to save 15 to 25 percent if you're booking a project in the early fall.

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September and October are also the months when most major appliances sell at steeper discounts than usual, barring refrigerators (see May). Retailers are debuting their latest models and gearing up for the holidays, so if you're looking for a sale on an oven, washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher, this is historically the right time to buy.

October. It's not that you can't find deals during this month, but with Black Friday right around the corner, October may be the one month when sales won't be plentiful. But if you must pull out your wallet and you didn't get enough in August, back-to-school supplies are often on clearance, along with gardening tools.

November. Aside from jumping on Black Friday sales, two things you may want to do this month: buy an air-conditioner or book a wedding.

December. Pretty much everything is on sale, including things you don't want or need, which might explain a few of the more bizarre gifts you've received over the years.

Corrected on 01/18/2013: A previous version of this story misstated the headquarters of Chem-Dry. The company is based in Nashville.