Mattresses Go High-Tech: Time to Trade Up to a 'Smart' Bed?

Bed shopping is about to get even more complicated—or exciting, depending on your point of view.

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The app turns your tablet or smartphone into a remote that can adjust the mattress, channel-surf on the TV, and turn the lamps on and off.

But are mattresses are getting too smart? If the industry designs beds as hotspots to hang out, will we end up sleeping less? It's a question Rawls-Meehan says sleep experts have raised, but he says the industry is simply trying to give consumers what they want.

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He says if you can keep your bedroom gadget-free, go for it, but for those who can't quite get there or don't want to, it's up to the sleep industry to accommodate those consumers. "You start seeing how your nieces and nephews have mastered the iPad at the age of three, and you realize these gadgets are going to become an extension of people's limbs at a certain point," Rawls-Meehan says. "The wired bedroom is here to stay."