6 Ways to Save on Summer Camp

Lasting memories and experiences for your child don’t have to come at a fixed price.

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Also figure in transportation. Is there a bus included that will pick up your child from a central location, or will you need to provide transportation to and from camp each day? Can you carpool with neighborhood kids so you save time and gas money?

6. Consider value, not just sticker price. Camp prices play an important role in your decision, but they're not the only factor to take into account when considering where to send your child. "The cost of the camp often is related to session and types of activities "It is not [necessarily] a statement about quality," Smith says.

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According to Townsend, "a comprehensive program that engages your kids for the entire session is worth a lot more to your family than a cheaper camp that isn't the right fit."

The takeaway for kids isn't a reflection of the camp costs. In an ACA survey, 70 percent of parents said their child gained self-confidence at camp and nearly as many said their child remains in contact with friends made at camp. As such, a positive camp experience can create lasting memories and shape your child's development.