Taxing Days Ahead for Everyone in IRS Scandal

The IRS faces a massive audit, and the cost will be paid by taxpayers.

The conference was called “lavish” and “shameless.” Could it pass an IRS audit? Here’s what experts say.
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As for the partisan nature of the latest scandal, Atkinson, who spent years as a compliance officer and lawyer for the agency, sees the problem not as one of political agenda, but rather as an agency caught in the middle of a deeply divided Washington that lacks the expertise and resources to manage all of the competing interests. The IRS's "over-reliance on technology to solve human problems" and its "insular culture" are hurting the agency, she says.

"I feel sorry for the IRS. There are a lot of good people there just doing their jobs and not understanding how to do them," Atkinson says. "It's more of a mess than a conspiracy."