How to Give Your Finances a Summer Makeover

As the weather warms up, don’t forget to boost your bank account.

As the weather warms up, don’t forget to boost your bank account
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8. Keep other essential documents handy, too. If you ever had to leave your home quickly because of a flood, power outage or other emergency, you'll want to know just what to grab. That essential stack of documents includes identification, insurance information and any family documents, such as birth or marriage certificates, that you would want to protect.

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9. Check up on your home's water and energy consumption. Energy bills can go sky-high during the summer months as air conditioners work overtime to cool down homes. Make sure your home is properly insulated so you can use less heat and air conditioning. Closing doors to unused rooms, like a guest room, helps, too. Also, be sure to unplug appliances, turn off lights and shut down computers at night. Even televisions can use power when they're turned off, so either unplug them or use power strips that automatically shut the power off when they're not turned on.

10. Clean out your car. This more traditional spring-cleaning move will actually help with your bottom line, too. Cleaning out the junk in your trunk, especially big, bulky purchases of water or other supplies, weighs down your car and forces it to use more gas, Leeds says. Instead, use your garage for storage, and keep your car as light as possible. Also, take advantage of the nicer weather to check your tire pressure and get a tune-up, which can also boost your gas mileage.

The good news? All of these steps can be completed with an iced beverage in hand.