Your Summer Money Checklist

More ideas for how to give your finances a boost when it’s hot outside.

More ideas for how to give your finances a boost when it’s hot outside
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10. Keep an eye on upcoming splurges. Christmas gifts, school tuition and winter vacation are just a few costs that could be headed your way before the year is over. In fact, some retailers have already started back-to-school sales. Factor in those costs, and take advantage of current discounts in advance.

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11. Get creative with passwords. Financial accounts and email accounts are vulnerable to hackers year-round; get in the habit of changing up your passwords at the start of every season. To protect yourself from fraudsters, generate a long password with numbers and letters; it can be based on a sentence that's familiar to you.

12. Pick a pet project. If summer travel or reading exposes you to a global or local problem that you would like to help solve, learn all you can about it and commit to making a difference. Instead of saying "yes" and donating small amounts to friends' causes throughout the year, decide what your own priorities are so you can make a bigger impact.

After completing this to-do list, you'll have earned that trip to the beach.