Clark Howard's Strategies for Saving More, Spending Less

The radio host’s latest book focuses on money moves that have a lasting impact.

The radio host’s latest book focuses on money moves that have a lasting impact
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The whole idea of reducing expenses is for what purpose? If it's just, "Well, I know I should do better," that's not going to get it done. It has to be for a greater purpose. Why is it that you want to reduce spending? What is it going to do for you? What change will it make in your life if you do this? What is the goal you're trying to ultimately achieve? And if you don't have the goal, you can't create the discipline in your life.

What is the biggest takeaway that you hope readers get from your new book?

Regardless of where they are today, if they have goals, I don't want them to regret the missed opportunities of the past. I want them to be motivated to achieve those goals now – whether it's to have your own business, whether it's to create some financial security today, to get on the path to save money for retirement, whatever it is that you feel frustrated that you're not getting done, that you have answers about how to get it done.

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Anything else you'd like to add?

One of the things that I think is important for people to realize is that we went through a lot of bad stuff all at once in this country. People think, "Well, that's how it's been," or "That's how it's going to be." I just want people to know that's not true. Life goes through a cycle, and just because we've had a brutal time in America in the last six years, in no way is that our country's future. It's not your own, either.