9 Ways to Save on Sports Tickets

The average NFL ticket costs $203.75. Here’s how to get in on the action – without going broke.

Baseball fans at a game
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If you wait until the day of the game, you'll have less selection on seats, but resellers will be eager to sell those tickets and you can often do the transaction on the fly using your tablet or smartphone. Waiting until the last minute also reduces the chance of weather issues or scheduling conflicts that make you miss the game.

8. Factor in fees. Ticketing fees can easily add $10 or more per ticket. Sometimes you can avoid ticketing fees by buying at the stadium box office in person and bypassing third-party ticketing agencies. If you have to pay for parking and gas, that could negate the savings. However, if you live or work near the stadium, buying in person might make financial sense. If you're buying multiple tickets, those savings can add up quickly.

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Nowadays with e-tickets, fewer people pay shipping fees to receive paper tickets, according to D'Souza. Some ticketing websites like ScoreBig.com sell tickets below box office prices without ticketing fees, but they may not have tickets to the most popular games.

9. Go with a group. If you can get together a big enough group of friends or co-workers, you might be able to negotiate a discount with the box office, according to Martin. "Or they might be able to roll you in with an existing group order," she adds.