5 Strategies for Scoring Freebies

From free magazines to toothpaste and pet food, freebie finders share their secrets.

The word "FREE" spelled out in colorful plywood letters found in a city park
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5. Share the wealth. Freebies usually take six to eight weeks to arrive by mail, and if you find yourself with a surplus of goodies once they start rolling in, you can always share them with friends or donate to charity. "When I come across something really good, I have all my family and friends' addresses so I fill it out on their behalf," Chavez says. In addition to the Dr. Oz book, Chavez hooked up several friends and relatives with a national parks pass when he spotted a promotion. He's also created a stockpile of personal hygiene products and donates extra to charity.

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When Eubanks gets free feminine products or pet food, he'll donate those since he doesn't need them himself. "I actually found it was hard to donate the single servings of toiletries, but if you get a bunch of them together, you can donate those," he says.