How to Use Technology to Take Care of a Baby

Websites, apps and gadgets to help parents care for infants.

Mother and baby with laptop in living room
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Going for a stroll? The 4Moms Origami Power Folding Stroller is the first of its kind. You turn a little knob, and the stroller, on its own, will fold up into something small and easy to carry. It also will charge your cell phone when you walk, and it has a dashboard that includes an odometer and a thermometer. And thankfully, the stroller has sensors, so that if your little one is inside at the time, it can't fold up. Cost: retails for $849.99.

Looking for a pediatrician? is a website and app you can use to find a nearby, in-network doctor by typing in your ZIP code, health insurer and the type of doctor you're seeking. You can also book appointments for your baby, 24/7, through the website. Cost: free; doctors pay a subscription price to participate.

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For the germaphobic. You may have sucked on a germy pacifier and come out OK, but that doesn't mean your baby has to. Pipla is a portable, battery-operated pacifier sterilizer that uses ultraviolet light; the company says it will eliminate 99 percent of germs in three minutes. Cost: retails for $34.99.

A baby scrapbook for the 21st century. is a website, and soon will have an app in which parents record their memories and all of their baby's milestones (first burp, your first uninterrupted night's sleep, first steps ... you get the idea), and where all of the baby's photos and videos can be stored. The thinking behind the site is that a good portion of our lives are spent in the digital sphere, and so why not organize a baby's life online? Launched in May, the site is the brainchild of a Google ad sales manager, Emma Weisberg, who, no, hasn't quit her day job. Cost: The virtual baby albums are free; printed albums start at $37.50.