3 Cases Where Spending Less Can Backfire

When it comes to these purchases, cutting corners can spell trouble for consumers.

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If you have strong friends who can lift heavy appliances and have great DIY skills, that's one thing, but keep in mind that the company you're buying the appliance from is responsible for it until it's installed. If you're transporting it, and especially if you haven't purchased a warranty to cover accidents (which, yes, many personal finance experts feel are a waste of money), you are taking a risk that you or a friend might drop it.

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Over the years, newspapers have reported occasional stories of appliances falling out of flatbed trucks and onto the road, and similar tales pop up on various Web forums. For instance, on ApplianceBlog.com, one fellow a year ago shared his story of how he bought a refrigerator from Sears and put it in the back of his Ford Ranger. There wasn't much room due to a 325-pound crated wood stove inside the rear of the truck, but he managed to fit it in.

"I was only going a short distance," the guy who called himself Joe Football wrote. But it didn't matter: "A gust of wind sent it right over."

And onto the cement. He soon learned that the freezer of his new Frigidaire worked fine, but the refrigerator didn't get cold – until he followed the advice of a member or two and managed to get it working again. Still, if you're thinking of strapping an appliance in your cousin's truck, remember that Joe Football's story could soon be yours – without the happy ending.