How to Go on a Holiday Spending Lockdown

Don’t let the celebrations blow your budget with these techniques.

Business professional man holding a Piggy Bank in his arms

Cut down on restaurants. Since this season is all about decorating and celebrating the home, it can feel more festive to eat at home than at restaurants, and you'll cut down your costs – not to mention calories – significantly. "Avoid prepared foods, and instead make your meals from scratch – planning out your meals based on when key ingredients go on sale," Harders says.

Koivu adds that she and her husband scale back on Starbucks coffee – they rely on their Keurig coffee machine at home – and delivery dinners. "We don't love cooking, but we will plan out our meals two weeks in advance to make sure we have stuff on hand to cook," she says.

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Cool off. Lowering your thermostat by just a few degrees can make a dent in your gas or electric bill, Harders says. You might need to throw on an extra sweater, but you'll be glad when your heating bill arrives.

The best way to guarantee a happy new year is to make it through the holidays with your finances intact.