10 'Experience' Gifts That Keep on Giving

Theater tickets, subscriptions and memberships are gifts people will enjoy long after the holidays.

Two women viewing paintings while attending an art exhibition
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5. Magazine subscription. An annual magazine subscription is a good gift for a child or adult, and often costs less than $20. If you want the option of sending it again next year, make sure the renewal form comes to you and not the recipient. You'll also want to opt out of any promotional mailings and ensure you don't grant permission to add the recipient to mailing lists.

6. Warehouse club membership. An annual membership to Costco ($55), Sam's Club ($45) or BJ's ($50) would be a welcome gift for a friend or relative who likes to shop at those stores.

7. Fruit-of-the-month club. The venerable Harry & David's is still around, and you can have a box of fruit delivered to your recipient once a month for 12 months, with prices starting at $69.95 for smaller shipments. Since its inception in 1936, the monthly delivery has expanded to a variety of fruit and non-fruit choices, including a flower-of-the-month option. A variation would be a wine-of-the-month club.

8. Classes. Has your significant other or best friend always wanted to learn to dance or to make stained-glass creations? You can buy a series of classes from a local dance studio, art studio or cooking school. Get a gift card or gift certificate so the recipient can choose a class that fits his or her schedule.

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9. Movie rental service. A subscription to Netflix, Hulu Plus or another movie subscription service makes a good gift for a cinephile. You can pay for the subscription with your credit card for a year or buy a Netflix gift card, which range from $7.99 for one month to $95.88 for a year. Hulu Plus gift cards are the same price.

10. An investment. For a child or grandchild, contributions to a college savings account, savings bonds or a few shares of stock will continue to grow throughout the year and beyond. Services such as oneshare.com let you buy just one share of stock and send a paper certificate of ownership, but the certificate adds an additional $49 to the cost. A better option, especially if you plan to buy more stock in the future, would be to open a custodial account at a discount brokerage. Most stocks no longer issue paper certificates, but you can print one up on your computer to wrap and put under the tree.