How to Dress for Winter on a Budget

When the temperatures drop, you’ll want to bundle up with these money-saving tips.

Woman smiling in winter jacket with hood

Coats and jackets. If you can budget just one new coat or jacket into your winter wardrobe, consider what you need the most or go for the most versatile item you can find, Lukes says. "Invest in a dress coat that can be worn to work or out to an event in the evening," Limon says, who recommends that it be at least mid-thigh length. She suggests worsted wool, merino wool or wool blends that include some alpaca or cashmere.

Staying warm and dry is crucial in winter weather. Here are some more tips from the CDC:

• Wear a hat, scarf or knit mask to cover face and mouth; make sure sleeves are snug at the wrist, wear mittens, water-resistant coat and boots and several layers of loose-fitting clothing.

• Choose an outer layer that is tightly woven and preferably wind resistant to reduce losing body heat caused by wind.

• Choose wool, silk or polypropylene inner layers that will hold more body heat than cotton.

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When outfitting yourself for winter, make sure you take an inventory of what you already own first. If you make a list, research your options online or in the stores and decide how much you can afford to spend and shop the winter sales, then you'll enjoy winter more and spend less.