How to Cure Your Post-Holiday Financial Hangover

If you overspent by a little – or a lot – here are ways to deal with the damage.

Parents’ bankruptcy filing won’t hurt their teen’s student loan eligibility, but grad and professional students who file could run into issues.
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Incorporate your debt into your other resolutions. This is a time of year when you may be resolving to lose weight or exercise. "So that makes it a great time to cut your budget in eating out and entertainment," Levison says. "If you eat at home more often, it'll save you dollars and calories and you can use that money to go toward your holiday bills instead."

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You could even try to convince yourself of this: All of this holiday debt you're wallowing in could be the best thing that ever happened to you if you use the experience to make positive changes in your life, like eating less fast food or becoming better at budgeting.

As financial hangover cures go, "that is a more positive spin on things," Levison says.

And at least you don't have to drink pickle juice.