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Best Places to Retire.

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1. D. Brookline, Mass. The nation's 35th president was John F. Kennedy, who was born in Brookline on May 29, 1917.

2. B. Berkeley, Calif. The city was named for the Irish bishop and philosopher and George Berkeley, who became a great cheerleader for the American Ccolonies during a three-year stay in Rhode Island in the early 1700s.

3. A. Chapel Hill, N.C. Along with Raleigh and Durham, Chapel Hill is home to the 7,000-acre Research Triangle Park, where IBM and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are among the largest employers.

4. D. Lake Oswego, Ore. This suburb near Portland is justly proud of its 405-acre lake.

5. A. Ann Arbor, Mich. The 38th U.S. president was Gerald Ford, who attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor from 1931 to 1935. Ford played center on the football team and was named most valuable player in 1934.

6. C. Upper St. Clair, Pa. Revolutionary War Gen. Arthur St. Clair became one of Pennsylvania's largest landowners in the 1760s and was the first governor of the Northwest Territory.

7. B. Reston, Va. This town is named for its developer, Robert E. Simon Jr. (his initials, plus the English suffix for town). Simon was following the "new town" development concept, then popular in Britain.

8. B. Hoboken, N.J. Frank Sinatra was born in this mile-square city, which sits across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

9. C. West Lafayette, Ind. The town, which is named after Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette, is also home to Purdue University.

10. A. Boulder, Colo. The municipal drinking water in Boulder comes from three sources, including the high alpine basin near the Arapahoe Glacier.