Test Your Smarts About the Brainiest Places

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Whether you're looking to follow in the footsteps of a former president or make your retirement home in a classic example of a 1960s planned community, there are smart, colorful cities to be found from California to Virginia. You can test your braininess with this quiz on the histories and quirks of the 10 brainiest places to retire.

  1. Originally called Muddy River, this town is the birthplace of the 35th American president, who faced a number of foreign affairs crises.
  2. This brainy city is named for the Irish philosopher best known for his empiricist philosophy.
  3. Ranked high in the number of Ph.D.'s per capita in the 2000 census, this town is part of a science-and-technology corridor that is home to more than 135 biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and bio-manufacturing companies, as well as a couple of large government agencies.
  4. This city is best known for its natural beauty, and one of its notable residents was William Stafford, an American poet who explored man's relationship with nature. He was U.S. poet laureate from 1970 to 1971 (technically known at the time as poetry consultant to the Library of Congress).
  5. As the 38th U.S. president, this city's favorite college football star sought to restore Americans' confidence in basic government institutions.
  6. Established by an American Revolutionary War hero and site of the 1784 Whiskey Rebellion, this suburban township is near 29 colleges and universities.
  7. Developed by Robert E. Simon Jr., this town is a well-known example of urban planning, with a number of villages, separated by green space, each with a "town center" serving as a retail area.
  8. Known best as the birthplace of crooner Frank Sinatra, this town is experiencing urban gentrification as many nearby city dwellers seek affordable housing, a sense of community, and easy commutes.
  9. This town is named in honor of a French military hero who fought on the side of the Americans in the Revolutionary War. One of its native sons is Thomas Weldon, chairman of The Innovation Factory, a medical device incubator company.
  10. Maybe it's in the water? This brainy city's water supply is unusual, as it comes in part from the city-owned Arapahoe Glacier high on the Continental Divide.

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