25 People Who Will Affect Your Finances in 2009

From CEOs to politicians, these are the folks who will move markets.

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23) Neil Cavuto. Fox's irascible Neil Cavuto has seen his profile rise as the financial crisis rages and the economy swoons. A familiar face on both the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, he's the network's unapologetic free-market voice at a time when defending capitalism has become a tougher sell.

24) Lawrence Kudlow. If Barack Obama makes the case for higher taxes on the rich, you can bet CNBC host Lawrence Kudlow will be taking the other side of that trade as a long-time banner-carrier for the tenets of Reagan's supply-side revolution.

25) Paul Krugman. Arguably America's best-known living economist, Krugman won the 2008 Nobel Prize in economics for his work in international trade. In his more public role as one of the staunchest critics of the Bush Administration, the New York Times columnist and author remains both an unapologetic partisan and a helpful demystifier of complex economics.