Best Emerging Markets Funds for the Long Term

Emerging markets funds returned 19 percent, on average, in the third quarter.

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Dreyfus Emerging Markets (DRFMX). The fund is known for being one of the less volatile offerings in its category. Management focuses on beaten-down, undervalued companies and won't buy a stock unless it's in the cheapest 40 percent of its home market and significantly less expensive than its global competitors. The fund's largest country weighting is in South Korea (16 percent of total assets). Over the past 10 years, the fund has returned 15 percent, on average. Its annual fees are 1.76 percent.

Invesco Developing Markets (GTDDX). Management will generally hold between 70 and 100 stocks and stick with them for a period of two to three years. Currently, the fund has a rather large cash position (10 percent of total assets). Management has invested more than a quarter of the fund in Brazil and Mexico. Over the past 10 years, the fund has returned an annualized 15 percent. Its annual fees are 1.66 percent.

Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth (DREGX). Management at the fund makes frequent trades. The fund's annual turnover ratio tops 200 percent. About a third of the its assets are invested in Brazil, South Korea, and China. The fund has returned 15 percent, on average, over the past 10 years. Its annual fees are 1.75 percent.