Apple: Faded, But Not a Black Hole for Market

The world’s biggest tech name matures.

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Jobs prepared the company with plans that make sure it will remain an innovator. "Knowing he was going to die he, left the company with a roadmap," says Jefferies analyst Mizek. "Do you think he wanted his legacy to go down in flames? It's too easy to say that this will create the downfall of Apple. His ability to cut through things and his drive will be missed. But it won't be the vacuum that the media describes."

Cassese says Apple remains a force, and the de-hyping of the stock could be healthy. "We could get back to fundamentals of each individual stock and sector and not be so Apple-obsessive as it has been in the past years. I don't look for another company to come along to take its place. That only happens once in a generation."