Boomers Need to Talk About Long-Term Care

Holiday gatherings may be a good time for families to broach this delicate issue.

Family together at Christmas dinner smiling to the camera
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"It's very clear people are not talking about this. People are only reactive, doing this after an illness or death of a family member. But there is fear of conflict or what might happen as a result," Tyrie says.

If families don't discuss important financial issues, debt could easily spiral out of control. Curfman gave the example of a couple he worked with who did everything right to plan for their retirement – only they didn't account for the financial help they would need to give their children and parents.

"They eventually had $100,000 in debt. They were embarrassed, but they weren't blowing money. They were helping out with kids and parents. They were two years away from retirement and did the planning, but didn't have a plan when it came to the parents and kids," Curfman says.