Jobs With the Best Retirement Benefits

These industries contribute the most money to worker 401(k)’s and pensions.

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Information. Wireless Internet, cable television, and mobile technology employees have above-average union membership, which is one reason these employers pay $1.47 an hour for retirement benefits. Computer-related industries—especially those that provide data-processing and Web application hosting and streaming services—are expected to grow by 53 percent by 2018. Software publishing is projected to grow by 30 percent.

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Credit intermediation. Getting a job at a bank, credit union, or credit card company will typically net you $1.44 an hour toward retirement. The credit intermediation industry is expected to grow by about 5 percent by 2018, with many of the new jobs in the finance and insurance sectors.

The lowest. The smallest retirement benefits are paid to those with service jobs. Retail employees received just 34 cents per hour in 2009, and food service employers contributed an average of only 9 cents an hour toward 401(k) and pension benefits.