8 Great Senior Discounts

Ask for money-saving deals at these establishments.

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If you're not afraid to speak up, it's easy to score a senior discount at national chains and local businesses alike. "Ask everywhere you go to see if they offer discounts," advises David Smidt, president of SeniorDiscounts.com. The seven-year-old website helps over half a million seniors find discounts each year in exchange for a membership fee starting at $7.95. Smidt recently shared eight of his favorite discounts for seniors.

KB Toys
Age Requirement: 50+
Discount: Grandparents and others over age 50 can get a 10 percent discount on toys every Tuesday. A free membership card is required.

Banana Republic
Age Requirement: typically 50+
Discount: Most Banana Republic stores offer a 10 percent senior discount every day. The exact discount and age varies by location.

Hollywood Video
Age Requirement: 60+
Discount: Hollywood Video customers over age 60 receive an automatic 10 percent discount on all rentals and other purchases when they use their membership card.

Jiffy Lube Service Center
Age Requirement: generally 55+
Discount: Some Jiffy Lube locations provide seniors up to 10 percent off services, but participation, age requirements, and amount vary by location.

National Parks
Age Requirement: 62+
Discount: U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 or older can get a lifetime pass to national parks and federal recreation areas for $10. Pass holders (and up to 3 adults in the same car) can avoid park entrance fees and get a 50 percent discount on some services, such as camping, swimming, and boat launch.

Age Requirement: usually 60+
Discount: Seniors may receive $2 off a regular adult-price haircut, but discount and age requirements vary by location.

Age Requirement: 55+
Discount: Some Ross locations offer seniors 10 percent off on Tuesdays.

Hyatt Hotels
Age Requirement: 62+
Discount: Seniors can save up to 50 percent off prevailing rates at participating hotels and resorts. Only one room can be booked at the senior rate per night, and the discount is subject to room availability.

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