7 Tips for Dating After Age 50

How to meet new people and ace your first date.


Mention, but don't dwell on kids. It's important to mention that you have children in passing or if asked, but don't talk about their first words or college choices for two hours. “When people talk about their exes and their children, it's boring,” says Sills. “Your children are never ever as fascinating to other people as they are to you.”

Don't mention your ex. It probably goes without saying that by age 50, you have had a few love relationships in your life. There's no need to give a new love interest the play-by-play. “People in their 50s often have a history of being in a relationship where it didn't go well,” says Gray. But that's no excuse for imposing that resentment on a different person, he says. Don't talk about your dating life, either. “Cute, funny stories about horrible men you have dated do not make men laugh,” cautions Sills. “Don't bring up your ex-husband or your ex-wife for a very long time."