Is $1 Million Enough to Retire?

A senior financial adviser at Ameriprise says it's enough for only a modest retirement.


What should a baby boomer who wants to retire soon do to get back on track?

You have to think about what is more important, retiring soon or retiring well. It may not be realistic for you to retire at 58 with the lifestyle that you want and make it to 95. Now you have less money than you thought and maybe not even much job security. Some of us baby boomers all grew up with really unrealistic expectations of when we were going to retire, and we planned in a way that didn't bear fruit. But what if I told you, you could still go to Hawaii, but you can't stay at a luxury hotel? Most people say, "I can do that." You have to adjust your expectations. Or you may have to work until 62 even though we planned for 57. Let's reframe what we are going to do. Everyone around you is also going to be spending less money. The day of the $14 cosmopolitan is over. And who felt comfortable doing that anyway?