10 Uncommon Sources of Income in Retirement

Consider adding a little creativity to your earnings efforts.

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9. Fellowship. A program called Encore Fellowships places veteran for-profit workers in fellowships with nonprofit organizations that have a social mission. Working for six months or a year, the fellows get a $25,000 stipend as they delve into social-purpose work and share their professional experience (in, say, marketing or financial management, or strategic planning). Last year's fellows were Silicon Valley veterans who spent their fellowships in San Francisco Bay-area nonprofits involved primarily in environmental or education causes, such as after-school programs. Civic Ventures, the think tank that runs the program, plans to expand it to 100 fellows in five states by the end of this year.

10. Return temping. At the National Institutes of Health, retirees are given the opportunity to return for temporary work assignments as well as consulting or contract work. (They can even opt for part-time jobs or full-time positions.) When last year's stimulus sparked a need for more staff, NIH asked recent retirees if they'd come back to the office for a temporary stint. NIH isn't alone; many universities offer similar gigs, and agriculture giant Monsanto has been bringing retirees back for temp jobs since the 1990s. If this kind of gig appeals to you, explore the options with your past employer.