10 Cities for Retirement Property Steals

The housing crash has created some great deals for seniors looking to buy homes for their golden years.


Slide Show: Best Places for Retirement Property Steals


10. Santa Cruz, Calif.: Median home prices in the California costal community of Santa Cruz have plummeted more than 57 percent since 2007, reducing its price-to-income ratio to 2.8 for the fourth quarter of 2009. The average price-to-income ratio for Santa Cruz was 4.3 for the 15 years ending in 2003. Like Napa, Santa Cruz offers seniors a pleasant environment from which to launch their golden years, and the recent home price declines make it all the more attractive, Walsh says. "Santa Cruz [and Napa]…are trading at the exact same price they were eight years ago," he says. "That's a heck of a deal."