10 Places With the Most Retirees

In these cities, nearly a quarter or more of the population is made up of retirees.


In Pictures: Places with the Most Retirees

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Check out these 10 places with large retiree populations. (The percent of the population that's age 65 and older is in brackets.)

Laguna Woods, Ca. (76 percent)

Kings Point, Fla. (69 percent)

Sun City, Ariz. (66 percent)

Pinehurst, N.C. (38 percent)

Bella Vista, Ark. (34 percent)

South Yarmouth, Mass. (33 percent)

Fredericksburg, Texas (28 percent)

Ocean Pines, Md. (26 percent)

Pahrump, Nev. (25 percent)

Camano, Wash. (24 percent)