How to Strengthen Your Retirement End Game

These strategies will help prevent you from outliving your retirement savings.


Combat inflation. Most people have only one source of inflation-protected retirement income: Social Security. Social Security payments increase each year to keep up with inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. Consider adding some additional inflation-fighting investments to your portfolio, such as Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), or some exposure to commodities, real estate, or the stock market.

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Consider part-time or seasonal employment. A part-time job, even if you only make a few thousand dollars per year, allows you to spend your savings more slowly. You can also use part-time income to pay for gifts and trips and other non-necessities that you don't want to use your nest egg to finance. Spending less in the early years of your retirement allows you to preserve assets for the latter part of your retirement when continued employment may no longer be an option.

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