One Move Could Boost Your Retirement Security

Moving to a more affordable neighborhood could rescue your retirement finances.


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Diane Braybrook, 60, a former elementary school teacher, moved from Denville, N.J., to Belfast, Maine, when she retired in 2006. She says her housing costs, property taxes, and car insurance are all much lower in Belfast, even though she upgraded from a small house on a 50-by-100 foot lot in Denville to a half-acre of property in Belfast. Braybrook says the more modest culture in Belfast has also helped her to cut costs. "In the New York metro area, much of your being successful depends on the kind of car you drive and the clothes you wear and the golf course you belong to, and here, nobody cares," says Braybrook. "We don't spend as much money here because everyone's outlook on life is different. There's no pressure that you need to have the best and the flashiest."

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