Coordinating Retirement With Your Spouse

Married couples don’t always agree on retirement timing or lifestyle.


Prepare for health problems. At some point during retirement, one or both members of a couple are likely to need some form of medical care. "This is the time to talk about issues regarding preferences for medical treatment and even for body disposition after death, and how the other should go forward if something were to happen to me," says Ekerdt.

Plan for time with grandchildren. Discuss with your spouse how much time and money you want to invest in your grandchildren. "Some retiring grandparents may feel like now that they have time, they want to spend more time with their grandchildren," says Szinovacz. "On the other hand, adult children may think now that the grandparents have nothing else to do, they can take care of the children, whereas the retired grandparents may envision other leisure activities such as traveling."

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