Before You Go: Travel Tips for Retirees

How to prepare for your next travel adventure.

How to prepare for your next travel adventure
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Research destination activities. Scott recommends visiting blogs and websites that cater to an older demographic, like, which can help with trip planning. "[Retirees] usually have a bit more experience and are looking for more cultural activities," Scott says. "Look for unique experiences that will enrich your vacation." Brown advises signing up for a Twitter account and following the agencies and companies you will be traveling with. "You'll [see] deals and ideas of what to do at your destination," she says.

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Call your hotel before you arrive. Brown suggests requesting a room close to the elevator to reduce walking time. "Also, ask ahead of time if the room is over the hotel bar, restaurant, ballroom or any room where people will be partying late into the night," she says.

Leave room for spontaneity. "Leave yourself open to making wrong turns," Chimsky says. "Don't always stick to a rigid itinerary because that's where spontaneity comes into travel, and you can make some totally unexpected discoveries."

With these tips under your belt, and the proper preparation, your vacation should be a breeze.