Advice for People Retiring in 2014

How to make sure you will be ready to retire next year.

Senior businessman sitting at his work desk behind a large flat screen, looking thoughtfully through the window into the sunlight.

Consider a gradual transition into retirement. Consider cutting back your hours or shifting to part-time work before you retire completely. This will give you a boost in leisure time while also bringing in some income. "It's really difficult to go from working 60 hours a week to nothing. Consider semi-retirement or a 30-hour-a-week schedule," Strasbaugh says. "It's important for people to think about what else they are going to do with their time." Strasbaugh often asks her clients to write down what their ideal week in retirement will look like.

Decide how you will spend your time. Whether you want to travel, volunteer or relax, consider how you will fill your days in retirement. "Many people spend more than they expected because they underestimate costs like travel and hobbies, and many of them pick up new hobbies," Grecu says. "Carefully consider how your expenses might change in retirement."