Use online tools to gauge the cost of college.

5 Blogs That Will Save Your Money

If you're looking for budgeting advice, these top bloggers have you covered.

Use online tools to gauge the cost of college.

Bloggers offer top-notch advice on saving on fashion, food and other pursuits.

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Whether you’re in the middle of redoing the entire décor of your home or planning for your next vacation, it’s always great to find inspirations from other people, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Since most of us have big ideas without a pocketbook to match, it’s easy to feel frustrated. But with the help of these budget-savvy blogs, your grand ideas can actually come true and even cost less than your penny-pinching budget.

Here are the top five budget blogs you should read for travel, fashion, design, food and wedding planning:

1. Nomadic Matt’s ( tagline is “Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer.”  If you’ve been waiting to win the lotto so that you can go on your dream vacation, stop waiting and go to this blog now. He offers budget travel tips through his own experiences and proves that “you do not need to be rich to travel.”  

Still not sold? For $700, he stayed in London for 10 days, which included airfare, food, drinks, hotel, transportation and attractions. 

2. If you read People magazine or the like and think, “Where did Claire Danes get her cross-body purse?” Or, “I want to steal Jessica Alba’s look!” then I have the frugal fashion blog for you. The Budget Babe ( breaks down the looks for less and it often looks even better than the original. She’s like your own personal stylist who you can have for free.

3. With all the design shows and publications out now, interior design is definitely the “in” thing. Just go to Pinterest or and type in your keywords and you will see a slew of inspirations. But if you’re on a budget, you’ll quickly realize that you either have to pick or choose or come up with a different game plan altogether.

Here comes Copy Cat Chic (, your new home décor bestie. From her DIY projects to finding the copy cat of a more expensive item, she opens you up to a whole new world of design that can fit your budget.

4. Many of us are closeted foodies who want to experience the je ne sais quoi of the culinary world, but we can’t afford the costs of a Michelin quality restaurant or even somewhere second to that. Meet Budget Bytes (, where your stomach is full and your wallet is, too. You’ll see a wide array of recipes including scones, pasta, quiche and even a “how to” on boiling your eggs. The best part of this blog is that every recipe is broken down to the cost of recipe and cost per serving. It’s pretty shocking to see that you could eat a bakery-quality scone for only $0.41 and a baked tilapia with tomatoes for only $1.20.

5. Every year, I know someone who is either planning for a wedding or who just got engaged. Every girl dreams about her magical wedding day but none of them dream about the stresses attached to it, including the budget that doesn’t exist in fairy tale land. If eloping is an option, go for it! But if having a big wedding is a must for you and you don’t have the big budget that it demands, look no further than The Budget Savvy Bride ( It has what you need for your budget dream wedding without sacrificing your wants, as long as you’re prepared to put some elbow grease into it.