Wedding workouts to get brides (and grooms) ready for the big day

How Budget Wedding Blogs Help You Save

These bloggers will make it easier to plan your big day for less.

Wedding workouts to get brides (and grooms) ready for the big day

Website can help you find DIY tips for your wedding.

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These days, Pinterest is really the ultimate wedding inspiration tool, but looking at nothing but gorgeous weddings and ideas can prove to be an expensive hobby if you purchase too many of the ideas that interest you! Luckily, there are quite a few budget wedding blogs that will show you how to put together your big day for less without looking like you are skimping on anything.

Here are a few of my favorite budget wedding blogs that will help you plan your big day for less:

1. 2000 Dollar Wedding (

Though this site is no longer updated as of April 2013, I still found it to be a great source of budget wedding inspiration when I was planning my own wedding. This couple shares the story of how they managed to focus on the big things that were important to them on their wedding day, such as having a wedding that truly represented them and having an awesome party afterward to celebrate, and manage to spend only $2,000 on their entire wedding in the process. That’s a pretty incredible feat. While this particular story is complete, this blog is a great reminder that with a little bit of work you can have your dream wedding for less! It’s easy to search through the archives.

2. The Budget Savvy Bride (

The Budget Savvy Bride has a great feature on its website where you can search for weddings to browse based on the couple's budget! This is a great way to glean ideas from others that have spent similar budgets. They also have a great do-it-yourself section that will show you how to make popular wedding items – including invitations, centerpieces and more – for a fraction of what you would pay for those items in the stores.

3. Offbeat Bride (

Offbeat Bride isn't a budget wedding blog, per se, but the focus on featuring creative and unique weddings may get your own creative juices flowing. Founded in 2007, Offbeat Bride aims to be inclusive in the types of couples and wedding styles that they feature. It also offers some great suggestions for wedding-related craft projects.

4. A Bride on a Budget (

This blog is a fairly no-frills site that features easy ideas for saving money on your wedding day. You will find DIY tutorials, inexpensive wedding favor ideas, useful vendor advice and more.

5. Marry This! (

The goal of Marry This! is to help brides-to-be plan their fairytale wedding day on a "Cinderella budget." This blog is a great source for DIY wedding inspiration, and they have a great collection of wedding-related printables, where you will find forms and instructions for printing off everything from gift boxes to wedding favors.

6. The Little Canopy (

The Little Canopy focuses on artsy and vintage weddings, and I have found quite a few budget-savvy tips and DIY tutorials on this blog. What really makes this blog stand out to me is the gorgeous inspiration boards. Inspiration boards show off interesting details and colors scheme ideas.

7. Flat Broke Bride (

Like 2000 Dollar Wedding above, Flat Broke Bride is no longer being updated but it is still a great archive of budget wedding finds and DIY tutorials. This bride shared all of the tips and tricks she utilized that allowed her to not go broke while planning her wedding. If you start at the beginning of her blog and continue through to the end, one of the final posts includes her wedding photos and how her wedding came together.

8. DIY Bride (

DIY Bride should be the first blog you check out if you are committed to having as many DIY details present on your wedding day as possible. If you are crafty and handy, going the DIY route can save you big money on your wedding day! This blog also regularly showcases weddings that featured DIY details, which can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Note: The website is currently experiencing some technical problems but should be back up and running soon.

The Internet is filled with wedding blogs and websites, which is why I recommend the eight sites above, which will not only provide you with plenty of wedding-related inspiration, but which may also help you save some money on your big day!