How to Teach Frugal Habits to Family Members

Sharing your own lessons can help improve the family’s bottom line.


You can hand off some of your shopping responsibilities to others.

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At times we have to hand over our usual responsibilities to other members of the family. Maybe work or other commitments take over, forcing us to temporarily relinquish control of the frugal shopping reigns. Maybe it’s just a much-needed break. This doesn’t have to be physically complicated or taxing in any way. In a world of conveniences, more than ever savvy shopping can be a cinch for even a beginner.

Purchasing items online using apps or a browser add-on is a great way to score savings. You can even compare prices for both online and in-store shopping. With the growth of this type of technology comes a wealth of ways to save. Let other family members do their fair share and flex their money-saving muscles with the technology listed below.

Don’t shop till you drop, at least not physically.

Shop Savvy is a free app for Android users. It allows you to scan barcodes to comparison shop. It checks out both online and brick and mortar stores doing all of the legwork for you. Shop in the moment or create lists of items you may want to purchase at a later date too. You can receive alerts when the price drops so you can get your hands on the deals.

Shop in your pajamas.

Make life easy for those who may not be used to handling the grocery shopping. The Peapod shopping app makes it simple to shop online. Shop sales at the push of a button and plan meals as you. No more forgetting whether or not you have an item on hand at home. You won’t have to call the house and have your family take on an on-demand inventory of what you have on hand. You also won’t have to potentially waste money by purchasing something you already have either. You can just peek into your cabinets if you can’t remember. How convenient!

Dare to compare.

PriceBlink is a free add-on to your web browser that automatically finds lower prices and coupons when you're shopping and stays hidden otherwise. If you can purchase that very same product on another site for less, PriceBlink lets you know. It also has coupon alerts. If the site you’re on offers any coupon codes, free shipping or any other deals, PriceBlink will let you know. Also, if the site you’re on doesn’t have any user ratings or reviews for the product you’re looking for, but the same product is reviewed on other sites, PriceBlink will let you know. It’s not only free to download, but on average, users save 15 20 percent every time they shop online once they’ve downloaded the add-on.

Compare as you check out, too.

In an effort to maximize savings on your purchase, check out the Pick2Pay app before checking out. If paying by credit card, this app will do the legwork on comparing available rewards for your purchase.

Collect savings without the inbox clutter.

Get updated on deals in your local area with the Yipit app. Forget clogging your inbox with every offer under the sun. This app compiles offers all together in one email. This takes the time and hassle out of getting a good deal. No one wants to search for a needle in a hay stay of emails, right?

Use a carousel of savings.

No more scouring your purse looking for the coupon you need. Save money at your favorite store with RetailMeNot’s printless coupons. The app offers thousands of coupons, promo codes and deals for both online and brick-and-mortar store purchases. It’s great to peruse the potential savings before heading out or even right before you checkout for the less planned shopper. You shop for clothing to entertainment and even automotive. Check by category or through a merry-go-round of daily deals.

The bottom line is that other family members don’t necessarily have to spend hours clipping coupons or waiting for all the deal stars to be in alignment to score savings on items they need to buy. Hand over your shopping responsibilities without worrying about breaking your budget by introducing your family to easy-to-use technology and shortcuts.